Friday, April 27, 2007

The Craft Mafia's Spring Bada Bing!

Here is my booth at the Spring Bada Bing show. I really like the way it turned out. And let's just say my location was to die for! I had a great time, what a great turn out. There were people waiting at the door. How cool is that? I could have done some damage the vendors were top notch!

I brought a bunch of trays and serving pieces to help get that "HOUSEWIFE" thing going! In keeping with the kitschy kitchen I even included a trash can. (just joking)

It was all about the squid! Anyone know what vendor this is? The were so great.
Maddie loved them.

For Aidan it was all about the Needle Noodles.
This is our new obsession around here! BRAIN slugs! I like to call them brain suckers. Just cuz! I am doing my best to use the pattern that I bought form her esty site.
I don't follow directions well just ask my mom.

She Knits
OK, someone needs to have a baby so I can buy one of these! Amy and I have the same friends some how. I ran into about 3 people that said that they had come to see Amy and there I was too. Amy do you home school? There is a connection somewhere.

Look at this display. it does not get better than this. I think her dad made it for her.
Monkey and Me always a favorite! I saw a family sit down near my booth and change their 3 year old cloths so she could wear her new dress right then and there! What truly rocks here is the dress in the back , with the red ric rac! I want a skirt like that! I will have a hard time not making a knock offs of that in Mommy size! Don't worry I won't she's in the Mafia and wouldn't dear mess with the "family". Besides Beth knows were I live!

I just had to a photo of this bag, it is so me! My friend Barb said she had one in green and said I could have it I need to make a trade for it. I NEED IT.

Shops I loved! I will add more later!

Every little thing, very sweet stuff! I loved her fabric banners in pretty calico's. I want to make some with oilcloth for the Mercado's at the 17 Th st. Farmers Market.

Cleo Dee's very "squidie" very cool!

Vaya bags are cool! Makes me want to live in NYC and dodge taxi's. OK maybe not! I would love one for Don!


Ryan said...

for some crazy reason, your pictures aren't showing up.

Kelly McCants said...

seems good now, I wonder why?

Kelly McCants said...

No pictures weird.. My tech support is upstairs asleep but I will get him to fix that later! come back later and check!!!!

mj said...

I can't see the pictures here, but your stuff looked great at the fair :).

Kelly McCants said...

Hi all, thanks for letting me know about the photos. It should be better now. I had to do them one at a time instead of as a large batch that I dragged and dropped. so much for speed. Haste make waste...blah blah blah!

I bet I could use flock a better way and make it faster. That takes time to learn and time is ever fading!

get crafty!

Amanda said...

Hello! I remember you! Glad to find your blog! I'll surely be back to visit!

(amanda, a. bel. studio)