Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Angry, Bitter and Tired!

The three craft muses have had it!

Here we stand Angry, Bitter and Tired.

This was taken at the Charlottesville All Star Show last Saturday.

It's hard to peddle your wares on a black top with lonely art boy music being blared upon you. Not our best show but hey at least we had each other! On the left is the cute wonderful Erica from Bees Knee's Studio you all need some of her tiny paintings. And on the right is my new friend Nicole. She runs Soliel Rouge there you can find some fabu skirts. I really want a Bark cloth skirt! I might just order that today! You can read all about Erica and Nicole over at the Richmond Craft Mafia website. Meet the Family


zenfulmama said...

hi kelly, i've been an admirer of your work from a distance, and actually need to purchase a couple of your aprons for pin up betty housewife type portaits that i want to do...anyhoo, i finally have put two and two together, i was at your house for dana's blessingway and, I do the Mother Art group at market...I love reading your blog, way to share the love, thanks.

Silvia said...

Wait, you came to Cville and didn't tell me???