Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My crazy trees!

My crazy trees!, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Them are some cRRRaZy trees.

It was in the 70's yesterday and I was having a moment of health so Aidan and I went outside to share some green tea soda on the front step. The light were all out on the porch waiting and I just had to go for it. Cold or no cold this kind of Militia/Gorilla christmas light decoration is so fun and easy it's a no brainer. And since I have had recognizable brain since Friday night I was able to do something constructive.

I know you are asking... Kelly how in the world do I get my self some of those crazy a$$ trees in my yard? Well sit back and listen! Here is the secret that not even Janet knew, you plug you lights in and toss them in the tree that is it! I really mean it toss those lights up there and leave them be! How easy is that? Its a no brainer-cuz you have a really bad cold easy! I have found crape myrtle seem to work best because of their shape.

I went out late last night to make my third Mail drop of the day and WOW they look so good from down the street. I am lucky to have Janet's winter wonderland next door.

alright have fun and peace out!

OH FYI...3.5 shopping days left at Modern June! And if you are waiting on a package I apologize for my slow down of late. This cold is kicking my bohonkaus. Trust me no decorating today. Just starring at my to do list while I blow my nose and cough my head off. I just took a long nap that had red christmas tree skirts plaguing my dreams. YIKES! No dinner till that thing is done! love ya'll!


Anonymous said...

For those of you that do not have the honor to live next door to Kelly, eat your heart out. You cannot imagine no matter how great the pictures are how BEEUUUTEAFUL these trees are. As I sit on my sofa watching TV all I have to do is slightly turn my head to see this great sight. And oh yes, I am the one she is talking about not knowing how easy it can be done. Year before last when I did mine, it took my about 4 hours and didn't look nearly as good. Therefore didn't even bother last year. But look out Kelly I coming back with a vengence and hope it looks 1/2 as good as yours.

Kelly McCants said...

You go girl, you show me up! I can't wait to see some more crazy trees. Don just left and took the kids out to dinner and to see some lights so I have open back up the blinds so I can see them too!

Janet your so sweet!