Friday, July 25, 2008

Tickled Pink!

Let me just say that last night's event was a blast! The turn out was incredible. There were so many lovely ladies, the red hat gals were out in full force. Too fun.

I love shows, I love watching people experience my products. There were too ladies that had just retired, the two loved my new Modern June Sandwich Wrappers but since they no longer brown bagged their lunch they were desperate to figure out who needed one. They did leave with cute little cupcake aprons for their granddaughters and plans for baking cookies soon.

Here is the funny thing about last night every single thing I sold was pink. Yep, pink! Every bib, splat mat and apron PINK! Isn't that amazing. Tony says they have a pink crowd! Any time he paints a piece of furniture pink it flies out the door. I too was drawn to pink last night check out all the pink goodies I loved.

(you know I LOVED this!!!)

Feathernesters was the first store that carried Modern June. Tony and I first met at the 17th Street Farmers Market. Modern June was brand new and I was AMAZED that someone would love my stuff enough to place it in their stores. I have to say that is the biggest compliment this crafter gets. Artisans love it when someone actually pays for something that they lovely made but when someone buys 12 at a time, well that is just so cool! The ultimate complement!

They started out carrying Market Totes and the Aunt Bea Oilcloth aprons. Over the last two years they picked up all kinds of goodies. The guys stocked up last night on oilcloth aprons and totes. They took every single tote I had made! (Time to crank out some more!!!) You can now get bibs and deluxe splat mats in the store. As well as my cool oilcloth banners! Soon they will carry the oilcloth placemats for people and pets.


Christi said...

I'm so glad it went well!! What a great evening out. I have to check out that shop sometime. Do they sell those cool flower wall lamps in your last pic? I wanted to get some kind of like that at Ikea, but they took special light bulbs..... that you could ONLY get at Ikea! No, thanks.

Kelly said...

Yes they sell them there! They would be so great in Charlottes new room!