Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oilcloth for parties!

I have been totally obsessed with oilcloth tablecloths. I mean what is not to love? Pretty and practical. I have been whipping them out in droves! I love making them they really make me happy!

This weekend we, the Richmond Craft Mafia, are having a baby shower for our dear friend Nikole's baby girl Thea. I have the honor of hosting it in our backyard. I have been really enjoyed reclaiming our backyard from it's current jungle-like state.

I have moved a few things around. Our new umbrella recently broke and of course I have no receipt for it so I just remove the darn thing completely. Then I moved the table to the grotto! I love it there and I always have. I moved it a few years ago thinking that our family would eat al fresco more frequently if I moved the table closer to the house. NOT! My kids HATE to eat outside because of fly's and bugs.

I like my outdoor office!

With the table gone from it's spot, I had a moment of brilliance, I moved the hammock to the back of the house. The back of our house needs a focal point, it is very plain Jane with it's one ugly window. That wall needs 3 lovely windows so I can sew and enjoy the outdoors. This would make my Cave like studio less oppressive!

I digress...wasn't the subject supposed to be oilcloth tablecloths?

Lately I have been doing large orders for parties. One client purchased 4 oilcloth tablecloths in all yellow poppy for her annual backyard party. She decided to use the same color to tie in all the different size tables. Then for an engagement party someone ordered four 60" tablecloths in four different colors. Roses, yellow poppy, red fruity and blue strawberries. That was very fun!

Now for myself I am going to use the Red Polka Dot tablecloths from my craft show stash as a starting point. I will use these on the long row of tables then I will a table runner in red fruity. I will use my current Red fruity tablecloths on the food and drink tables. And of course all my little side tables get their fun table topper in Red Polka Dots!

fun, fun, fun!


Carol said...

Oilcloth tablecloths are a party waiting to happen!

Kelly said...

I know you know that is true! I recently sold a tablecloth and two oilcloth banners. I have to say that is a party if ever there was one!

take care girlie!