Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Year 4

Gallery, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Another year is done, and the portfolios are on the shelf!

I have to say I'm getting good at making paper trails. I know just what to add to my kid's portfolios, and how to best tag it for Dr. Williams (our adjudicator and buddy) to see the "best of the best." I know exactly what lists she will want to see, so all she has to do is to sit back and enjoy the kids showing off their year. Best of all, I know exactly how to allow time for me to ask Dr. Williams all of my teacher questions. I'm all business!

Putting this year's portfolios together was a breeze, because I kept my homeschool pinky swear! All year long I had the kids put their work into accordion files. So, at the end of the year there were a few books to pull out, of and a pile of papers to sort through. And, I was able to sort through and organize everything in less than 5 hours (for both kids). Half way through I even took time to run away with Dawn for dessert at Double T's -- Peach Cobbler for dinner is a good thing!

And to wrap it all up, I take the children's artwork from the past year and display it for Dr. Williams to see just how talented they are! I thought I would share it with you too.