Monday, July 14, 2008


Last week when I was in a funk I made myself go down to the studio and make the room a little bit nicer. Here is the results...

Nicole Lee magnet turned handy dandy pin cushion

My four lil' dudes from A. Bel Studio. They are magnets but I stuck them up on the wall with foam tape. You can too if you just buy the cake toppers from their supply shop.

Meet KRAZY! He is my new studio mate! I got him at the Crafty Bastard show last month! I LOVE HIM! We were setting up for the show when I heard Sloane from Sloane's Creations (Norfolk Craft Mafia) say that this is what she does with all the leftover tissue paper. I looked over and she was holding my bird! I feel in love!

KRAZY is a homegrown organic swan gourd that is decorated with hand-painted recycled tissue paper. Isn't he the best?

On the left are Aidan's "Magorians". I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff. They have an entire story line. Amazing. On the right are sweet treetop owls from Erica! What a sweet little gift from my arty fartsy friend!

These are fun, they are just some simple paper dots that were in a craft show swag bag.
I just thought they were to cool let go of. I love tape.

Just a cool patchwork vintage apron that I really love!

Show me your inspiration wall, leave me a link. I want to see something inspiring!

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nikole said...

gorgeous! so colorful and inspiring!