Monday, July 21, 2008

party flowers

Nicola Floral Flowers, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

I have always wanted to do this type of arrangement... loads of pretty flowers all loosely arranged in jelly jars. Finally a reason to do so. I adorned the jars with a bit of ric rac for that Modern June touch.

row of flowers, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Nicole at Nicola Floral helped me find some flowers that looked as if I picked them from my own garden. I have never had enough flowers blooming at one time to put together such a display. If I did there would not be anything left in the garden. Some year I want to create a picking garden in the old veggie garden. We gave up on that due to the squirrels. Someday!

Now I get to enjoy them! I have put them all over the house! LOVELY!


Anonymous said...

those flowers are perfect!

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Christi said...

Very pretty!