Friday, July 18, 2008

a place of baby!

I am still having a lot of fun with this baby shower!!! I love place cards, what a treat for the hostess and guests! I hardly ever work with paper so I was happy as a clam to do something different. I think the mommy will love this too. Our crafty baby is already with us but for a traditional baby shower you could use the expectant parents baby photos! I like that I idea a lot!

I started by swiping a baby photo off my friends flickr page! I LOVE that site! I simply dragged it into a word doc and printed off several pages. Then with my handy dandy paper cutter I cropped them to size.

Next I gathered some card stock and a glue stick!
Since I am using the red polka dot oilcloth tablecloths I went with the polka dots!

All I had to do was cut the card sized paper in half and center the baby photo!

Simple and sweet place card for the baby shower! Using the fork was Martha's Idea!

I don't think I will actually put name on them. What do you think?
Don has better handwriting I might have him do it!

I really loved these ideas too!

Winged Place Cards
Candy Place Cards

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