Tuesday, July 22, 2008

party pics!

Our Guest of honor! Nikole and Baby Thea hang out with Kate in the hot-hot-heat! Will someone tell me what I was thinking? A July garden party in Virginia? I blame Dawn for not smacking me in to sense! At 2:55 I was nearing heat stroke just from setting up. The party started at 3:00 and it was all so pretty out side so we went forward. Plus my house was a bit of a mess, typical Kelly piles here and there. Dawn grabbed a broom and told me to grab a tablecloth just in case! Mental note prepare for anything.

The table was, if I may say so myself was so pretty! Funny how things just turn out nicely with out a lot of planning. I just used what I had! Love that.

Adrein took some great photos for me while I did the last minute things inside. I love this picture taken from the Grotto. The umbrella needed banners! next time.

Are you looking at me?

This overexposed photo gives you the feeling of how hot is really was!

We made a run from the heat for cake and presents.
It was Dawn's idea, she is the smart of the two of us!
I wish I knew what we were cracking up over.

Baby kimono from Nicole Lee! LOVE IT!

Happy baby Oliver! Two crafty babies! How lucky are we?
We have two RCM members getting married. I can't wait for those showers!!!
With out the record heat please!

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