Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too much fun!

Can someone come to my house and make me work because I am having too much fun! After my last post I got to thinking about the dishware for the party. I hate to use all that plastic and paper. This tabletop from the last Martha makes me want to use my Fiesta Ware! But the colors are not a great match and with out a staff the idea of washing all of them sounds tiresome. I know this is not a very green attitude!

So off to the cabinet that holds all those plastic plates I have purchased over the years. I have to have something that would work, there I found these! I totally forgot about these super Kitsch paper plate holders. Where did these cuties come from? I just can not remember, Janet's attic maybe? My MIL's attic? I should know this.

They rock don't they? And look I even have some old school paper plates. I know it is a fine line between kitsch and tacky! : ) They might have to change! At least the super fun plate holders will keep me from ordering these. I really love them but I will happily use what I have!

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Rosemary said...

EW, i'm in love with your paper plate holders!!