Wednesday, March 25, 2009

right place, right time!

The coolest thing happened to me yesterday while I was working on project for the pantry. For the longest time I have wanted to paint the can we keep the cat food in, a purple can with kittens all over it just isn't my style! I realized that I had the perfect color in the shed. Who know?

Well, while I was out there painting the can a car came up the alley and stopped at my back gate. The woman in the car, Bonnie, rolled down the window and told me that he had lived in our house from 1966 to 1976 and she wanted to thank us for taking such great care of it. After spending a while chatting over the fence, I invited her in. (now I see why I made myself clean up that mess of kitchen the night before, can you imagine if the pantry was still strung all over the house. Yeah, not good!)

You should have seen the look on her face when she walked up the back steps, I thought she would cry right then and there. She told me about her son, and how he tumbled down those steps as a toddler leaving a goose egg bump on his forehead. The same steps where we take our annual easter photo!

She told me what the kitchen was like. The cabinet that we hung up in the dining room, the one over the desk, that serves as our arts and craft storage used to be her only wall cabinet. Below the beloved cabinet was one of those big farmhouse sinks that I go ga-ga over when I am roaming Caravati's. I knew this house had to have one of those.

While in the kitchen we debated how old the house is, our deeds having different dates on them. Bonnie grew up in this neighborhood, along with her 87 year old mother. Her mother played in my house as a child, after the Carr family had it built in 1927 or 1933. The house next door was built a few years later. We always assumed they were built at the same time since they were built by the same builder and are so similar.

We chatted about the ugly windows that used to be on the front of our house, they were horizontal crank windows, not the skinny louvered windows found on old sun porches, these were three large sections of glass. They were horrible!!! Bonnie's daughter, age two at the time, crawled out the window and was found down the street some time later by a very upset mother. Needless to say she was pleased to see we finally replaced them 40 years later.

There are many more stories to tell, I will add them on this post later. It is 8:00, time to get to my regularly scheduled day. More soon, promise!


Kris said...

Kelly, Your home is beautiful. I'm sure she was beside herself with happiness knowing that the cherished home was in good hands.

Have a happy day


erin taylor designs said...

how cool!