Sunday, March 15, 2009

tableware dreaming

This weekend is insanely busy, but after two weeks of being sick and sequestered I am not complaining. I have lots of great oilcloth tablecloths to make, a book review to write for Sew Mama Sew, an open house and Spring Bada Bing jury duty tomorrow. While it feels great to be up and at it again, you could say I a bit concerned with my resent withdrawal from caffeine! What was I thinking? Can I really do this with out Diet Dr. Pepper?

But as I wind down from a good days work, I found a link to this article in my inbox. Thanks hubby, you knew I would appreciate it, even if it took me 8 days to get around to reading it. This story about pottery icon, Eva Zeisel is a feel good read. What a life story!

I have coveted this gorgeous tableware since Crate and Barrel started selling it a few years back, now I need it even more. You know I never did get china, this would be perfect china for me. Fourteen years ago, when we were about to get married, I was wise enough to know that no matter what China Pattern I picked I would hate it by the time I was grown up enough to use it. I don't even have a clue to what I was even considering. Seems like it had some grey in it.

A middle aged girl can dream, right? Well tonight, I will dream of lovely tablescapes with the best tableware ever created!

Till then I will continue badger my mother to allow me to have hers before she dies. I know that ain't happening, I know that for a fact. ; ) That's ok, I am happy to wait and wait and wait! Heck, I can wait a good 30- 40 years!

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