Monday, March 9, 2009

etsy luv for the pantry

There are a lot of great Vinyl Signs for the Pantry! This one if from Sticky Graffiti

Today I am checking out what Etsy has for the Pantry!
I clicked over to the vintage side of Etsy and found a ton of good stuff.

Vintage bread box from heaven!

I really want this great tin! LOVE it!

Sweet vintage contact paper! I'll be lining the shelves with
oilcloth but this is so fun I could not resist sharing.

Little Dutch Girl Canister, how totally sweet.

This canister set in Faux Bois is killer!

Check out the graphics on this set! My mom had something like this!
Mom can you find them? I know you still have them somewhere.

Honestly it doesn't get better than these retro canisters in my favorite color!
OK, I just splurged and bought them!!! Yay!!
thank you Egg Crate Vintage, I have always wanted a set of these.

I could do this for hours and hours. But I won't, gotta go teach the kiddo's!

Have a great day everyone.

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Mediocre Muse said...

Wow. No, really - WOW. The vintage wallpaper? My parents had it in their kitchen until a decade ago. Thankfully, my mom chose a cheerful red apple pattern to finally replace the glorious mustard and avocado. Cheers!