Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let the Pantry Madness begin!

Shame be mine...

Even though I had a really wonderful day I am a big cranky butt tonight. I am really tired but wide awake. I am ready for a big project but not willing to get started yet. I know the what the project is, my pantry from hell. What a complete mess. Junk, tea towels, aprons galore, household cleaners and a bunch of Costco bulk shopping is just thrown in. It's a "Quick shut that door before something falls out!" kind of pantry.

I have a ton of great DYI projects for this pantry so stick around this week while I get that pantry in order. I will be blogging about it daily and linking to my OILCLOTH ADDICT blog where you will be able to check out tutorials for each project.

For now, while I am impatiently waiting for bedtime, I am cruising the internet for inspiration. Below there is a link list for my favorite kitchens, pantries and products!

Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn:
Orange Kitchen
Great vintage stove and cool tile counter!
Best kind of Kitchen sink ever made!!!
My dream house and a cool Kalamako oven!

Country Living slide show.
I love the chalk paint on the door, now I like that a lot.

Better Homes and Garden:
message board?
Check lists for stocking the pantry!

ubber organized!
how to video
not a cardboard box to be seen
A 1945 pantry
Dreamy picture
book on the subject

Wish I had...
blue bins
soda can rack

Stuff I need to find:
Lazy Susan
Wire Baskets
lots of oilcloth
a bit of chalk cloth
lots of jars

Just a few of the totally ridiculous items currentlyin this pantry:
Fish Food, we have no fish!
Turkey roasting bags, 8 years old?
Wax for canning, why?
Easter Grass, from last year!
Halloween chocolate kit.
Christmas Gingerbread House kit.
Rock tumbler that doesn't work!
Science project from 3 years ago.
5 lunch boxes, we homeschool!
A tin full of VERY out dates herbal remedies.
Empty tin cans, WTH?
Empty sea monkey house, oh yeah, my favorite!

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