Monday, March 30, 2009

Sew Mama Sew Book Review! Kitchen Linens

Check out the book review I was honored to do for Sew Mama Sew, my most favorite online fabric store and blog! That team is all crafting genius! by EllynAnne Geisel, The Kitchen Linens Book: Using, Sharing, and Cherishing the Fabrics of Our Daily Lives and it is right up my alley!

To celebrate finishing my book review, I set out to make my family this pretty picnic mat (click here for tutorial). The day my family spent flying kites in a wet field, I knew we needed one of these, but it was reading the section on picnics in this book that made the idea a reality.

My philosophy for both shops, Modern June and Oilcloth Addict, is that small things in life help to make big memories. I know EllynAnne feels the same way. Linens of all types evoke fond memories. I can not wait for the next nice day! I am so filling up that watermelon picnic basket with some good food to enjoy on a sunny day. My goal everyday is to cherish the making of each memory.

After you read the review be sure to leave SMS a comment, they are giving away 6 copies of the book! Good luck!

Then, you have to go into your linen closet and pull out something cherished and lovely and use it. I dare you, you deserve to have nice things around you every single day! Set the table with your best linens and enjoy! No guilt, just pleasure!!


diana said...

i love this!! i also love the watermelon basket...where did you get that?

Kelly said...

Thanks Diana,

It was a wedding shower gift, that I am sure of, I think it was from my mother. I really can't remember.

I found it abandoned in the attic filled with my kids play food and tiny kitchen pots. What a find. Two sets of memories.

Time to use the thing for a picnic!