Monday, March 30, 2009

It's all been a great big lie!

I am shocked. My mom just confessed that the FAMILY recipe for irish soda bread came from 1980's magazine. She totally lied to me when she faxed the recipe in 1995. I have long lost that fax, so today I called her for the recipe. We have a big homeschool picnic today and that would have been so perfect to do with the kids. Here I am thinking I am about to pass down a recipe that is 100 years old and the dang thing came from a ladies freaking home journal. What else has the woman lied to me about!

I am so calling my Aunt Anne for the right recipe, she is nun, she won't lie to me!!! I know it is silly but I think I might just have to shed a tear or two over this. Darn PMS. So for today I will cheat like my mom has done for decades and use any old recipe that I find on the inter-nets! I am so disappointed.

This recipe from looks the most like my Great Grandmother Moylan's soda bread. I used to make it with her all the time, especially around easter, it was a spring staple. I am off to bake. But I am still mad at my mommy! ; )

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