Saturday, March 28, 2009

spring cleaning in the Studio

I was supposed to sew all day, getting all those orders out and creating some new things for the upcoming Spring Bada Bing show. But that didn't really happen, instead I spent the day cleaning the studio. I started at 6 am and finally finished up around 6 this evening.

Even though I am tired as hell, the studio looks great. Clean and clutter free, well as close to clutter free as it gets down here. At least MY stuff is tidy. I do share that space after all, the man might not work down here anymore but his stuff remains. I try not to notice or speak of it. In his defense the man cave was shamelessly wiped from him bit by bit. Someday I will get every square inch all to myself. (insert evil laugh!) mah ha ha ha!

The great thing about a big clean up like this is finding all those UFP's (UnFinished Projects). Who knew I have enough half aprons cut and ready for the stitcher. On my "to do rack" I found enough oilcloth aprons to stock the show, they just need pockets, I can handle that. Totes, holy moly, do I have totes, tons of totes cut and ready for stitching!

I also did an inventory while I dusted and reorganized the shelves. Since my last big clean things had gotten out of hand, now that everything is in order I can see I have a good amount of product in stock. Surprise! The usually suspects are ready to go, now I can spend the next three weeks doing orders and creating what I really want to make instead of what I should make.

For me, the great thing about preparing for a big kick ass craft show is that I get all those half done projects done. Yeah-for- done!

Think of me tomorrow, I will be sitting my my clean studio sewing my fingers off!

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