Tuesday, March 3, 2009

comfort food

Yesterday was a wonderful winter wonderland. After a long day playing in the snow, some comfort food was in order. For dinner we made blackened chicken breasts, saffron rice with diced red peppers, french cut green beans and I picked up some gumbo at the Gumbo Truck. Yes, you heard me right I said gumbo truck, Jazzbo's Rollin' Gumbo! We took a long walk and ended up at the truck (and the wine store) for some good eats and good wine. Did I mention that I love my neighborhood?

Cooking tip I just learned: When mixing up spices for your meal, make up a second batch, label it, and have it ready for the next meal! I've only been cooking for 25 years, you think I would have learned this one by now.

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