Sunday, March 29, 2009

goody good gift

One of Maddies friends turned 12 today and we needed the perfect gift. The family is very down to earth and not into the that typical Disney tween thing at all. They have often given Maddie handmade gifts from the heart for her own birthday, so I knew a Target trip would not do. I liked the challenge, a lot.

While roaming a fabulous new mega Jo-Ann store, I had a great idea, Maddie and I could make our own doll kit. So, this morning I set out to find a great tutorial for handmade dolls. Maddie and I agreed on the super cute Pint-Sized Pocket Dolls from the goody-goody blog.

I downloaded the pattern, dropped her tutorial into a doc, and printed them out in color. Maddie then grabbed an array of bright cotton from the scrap bin, and I gave her some of my yummy linen stash. Next we hunted the studio for needles, embroidery floss and a hoop. We totally forget the stuffing--oops--good thing she lives across the alley! We tied it all up in some rick rack and had ourselves a super crafty kit.

I can't wait to see Mimi's handy work. Don't tell Maddie, but I have a kit for her too! I'm going to give it to her tomorrow after school.

So go get off the computer and get to getting crafty! xoxox

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