Monday, March 23, 2009

Pantry time!

Grab an apron girls it is time to tackle the pantry, finally. My apron of choice is a Modern June dinner apron, with it's three big pockets I can sort the small stuff. I have a pocket for trash, a pocket for kid junk and another for who knows what. This way I can stuff the bits away with out leaving my cleaning area. For me apron pockets are essential.

With that apron on, it was is time to finally get to it. I cleared out the pantry, placing all the like items together. Next I vacuumed every bit of the small room, and scrubbed every bit of it. Then I lined the shelves! I had to line these bad boys, they are old and battered. I did a quickie paint job when we moved in nearly 11 years ago. That paint job is done! They look so great, what a fresh start. I wish I had the time to paint the trim while it was bare. Oh well, next time. Hell, what is another 11 years?

So check out my other blog, Oilcloth Addict to check out the tutorial on how I lined the pantry shelves. Wha-cha think? I am loving it!

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Amy said...

It looks great!