Friday, March 28, 2008


Martha is having having cupcake week! OH MY! How yummy, check out this photo slideshow that she has featuring the wonderful cupcake shops around the country. The photos of the shops and the cupcakes are equally wonderful!

When I was a girl my birthday cake was always Strawberry with Pink Fluffy Icing. I have to say I really want to make these Strawberry cupcakes from Sprinkles! Strawberry puree has got to be much tastier than the red dye my mom used!

Great news for my cupcake aprons I found some wonderful green and blue polka dot fabric so the Cupcake Collection will soon be back in production next week! I miss my Cupcake Aprons a lot! In the mean time if you are in need of a cute present for a little girl don't forget Tutti Fruity Designs has an Exclusive Pink Cupcake Apron from Modern June

As you all might have noticed I have given up my quest to blog 365 days this year! Life got the better of me! We are having some hard times with Aidan, he is needing a lot of extra care of late. Blogging was the first thing to go. I have rearranged my schedule so I can sew early in the morning instead of typing. I miss chatting with you all. I won't go away for long but I won't be able to blog daily for now.

Now go make some cupcakes, I know I am!!!! Problem is not eating them all ; ) If the cupcakes you make are extra pretty take a chance at Martha's cupcake contest!


Carol said...

Hang in there, it will all work always does somehow :)

Matt Wieringo said...

Kelly- HI! This is SQZ. Can only log in as Matt for some reason.

I entered my only cupcake photo into the Martha Stewart contest.

Love you guys. Will try to swing by this week to say Hello.


Kelly, Modern June said...

SQZ, you are perfect for this! Did you slide show about the cupcake shops. You can still have it, that dream cupcake shoppe!

I need a cup cake NOW! maybe a weight watchers muffin would take off the edge? LOL!