Thursday, March 6, 2008

Only two more days!

Don't forget Ladies and Gentlemen of the crafty variety we have yet another Richmond Craft Event! Saturday is your chance to meet Mark Montano and pick up his latest book, Big-Ass Book of Craft at Tinkers here in Richmond from 2-5!

Mark "is an energetic, young and undeniably cool designer. His creative musings have manifested successfully in the worlds of fashion, interior design and writing, making him a refreshing example of innovation and a beacon of creativity." Want a sneak peak at the crafty goodness check out Mark on i Village! We all know Mark as the top designer for TLC's While You Were Out, host of TLC's 10 Years Younger, and co-host of the Style Network's My Celebrity Home and We's She's Moving In.

Here is what the Books My Space page has this to say about The BIG-ASS BOOK OF CRAFT...

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts is packed with ideas for sprucing up your living space; concocting fabulous, all-natural body products; designing your own unique stationery; and creating countless other crafts that will convince your friends and loved ones that you're the secret love child of Tony Duquette.

It's as entertaining to read as it is endlessly inspiring. With more than one hundred and fifty inventive and fun projects, (200 to be exact!) The Big-Ass Book of Crafts is the perfect activity book for readers of every mood, budget, and skill level. Go grab it for your siss, your miss, or your brother. Trust us, they'll love it! ...

Live in the Virginia Beach area? Norfolk gets to have him next! See the Norfolk Craft Mafia for details!


lynnie said...

Wish I could go! Saturday is M.'s birthday and she has the whole day planned out. I'm afraid she's more into Build-a-Breat than another cool craft book for her mother.

I hope you have a great time!

Courtney said...

Howdy Stranger! Glad to see that business is still going gang-busters. It's beautiful here in the mountains on the verge of spring. Have a great show.