Saturday, March 22, 2008

my desk

So what is on my desk? Tissue box with a Lotta Jandotter cover, an old trophy turned pencil cup, the kids history book, a pile of magazine pages that I just has to keep around and a pile of notes, photos and business cards.

What is inspiring me lately? I love all these color combos. while I was sick this last week I got through a pile a magazines I love to rip out the pages that make me happy and tape them up on the wall and just stare at them until I am sick of them. Each photo has a wonderful color story that I would love to incorporate in my work.

I have an aqua thing going here, don't I?

What's on your desk?


Anonymous said...

My desk has computer screen, speakers, mouse, calculator, stapler, deposit book, white our, return address stamp, juice glass holding pencils, souvenior pottery mug from Harwich Port (one of my favorite places in the world - Cape Cod, Mass.) and a small pottery "things" holder with paper clips in it, tv/vcr, and my business check book register that I am suppose to be working on NOW. The sad thing is as you know that my desk is also our dining room table which means all of this stuff has to be moved everytime we have a family dinner.

lynnie said...

I like the design on the wall behind the bed.

I love tearing pics our of mags too. I used to glue them in a book for future reference. Then along came the internet and I'd save pics of things I liked. What I don't like about that is I like them in a scrapbook better and I also always forget where I got them. Bee recently got me evernote which I love! Now I clip pics/ recipes/tutorials from websites and arrange them in virtual a scrapbooks. Evernote notes where they came from so I don't have to wonder where I got them. I'll send you an invite. I'll bet you'd like it.