Friday, March 21, 2008

It's all about the cheeky chicken around here this week! The other day Maddie and I made our cute little chickens while Aidan was playing a computer game in which chickens were falling from the sky! We were all giggles. You have to understand that when Aidan plays video games he is not sitting calmly in a chair with quite focus. NO, he is out of the chair and bouncing and yelping along with the game. It is a form of exercise that I didn't know existed until his gaming days came along.

I have to say that my decorative paper selections is shameful, that must be remedied---asap! What I did have was some Anna Griffin Paper, I thought that was fitting since we were doing a Heather Bailey project, I see them similarly, Crafty Fabric Goddesses! I am hoping to find Heather Bailey papers when I go shopping, but I am not sure they are out yet. They are based on her fabric line, Freshcut by Free Spirit. Pretty stuff! I have noticed there are a lot of apron makers out there using her line, the line makes a beautiful apron.

Since we were low on paper we opted for the suit case fabric. I love my suitcase that I got at Miss Rancke's estate sale. It hold all my fabric that has the heat bond backing. It is my cupcake fabric stash. Along with the fabric we also used the paper from the instructions that we had printed out. The PDF is bordered with lovely floral designs. They went along beautifully with the color scheme.

Another thing we did not have were fabulous vintage baby blocks so some quick thinking we used the glass jars that were holding the craft supplies that were laying out in front of us. Use what you have, right?

Design wise I love the one is facing the opposite direction, a happy accident that was also a lesson for Maddie. She is not a spatially gifted as Aidan so this was a great learning moment for her.


Becoming Me said...

I love these chicks. My daughter and I craft together often and this is a fantastic idea. I may have to omit the buttons because my 11 month old puts everything in his mouth and finds things on the floor that I didn't even know dropped there. I just found your site tonight and love it. I'll blogline you so I can come back. Happy Easter blessings to you. Angela

Silvia said...

Very cute! :)