Thursday, March 13, 2008

Linky Luv; all tanged up!

Check out this link for getting those pesky cords under control! You will find that Life Hacker has come up with 10 solutions for getting cords under control. I want to do number 6 or 7 and make a tidy recharge station. But number 5 if brilliant! We are so doing that here!

This linky luv comes from my DH, Don, that is always looking at cool sites that I would never look at!

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Anonymous said...


OMG how easy is #10 and how I wish about 30 minutes ago I had thought of this. I just spent a good 5 minutes or more to unplug my village (which is 3 plugs some of which are pluged into multi plugs that are pluged into the strip) while trying to leave the lamp, phone base, copier, tv, computer and calculator connected.
Or maybe I just need the electrician back to give me more outlets