Monday, March 3, 2008


I am not usually a designer fabric kind-a girl. I like finding my fabric at JoAnnes and then buying tons of it. I like taking something that people just pass right by and making is wonderful. I do use some Michael Miller here and there. And I have used Robert Kaufman Cherries for a year now for the Diner Collection. You know me the fabric has to be kitsch! Then why am I in love with this yummy Ginger Blossom distributed by Michael Miller? Cuz it's YUMMY!

The wonderful Designer behind the gorgeous fabric is Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie. This woman is fabulous! Here blog is sweet with fantastic photographs! (I am jealous!) AND she makes the most delightful kids cloths. This is what kids cloths should be fanciful and dreamy. These are my most favorite pants ever! I am afraid at ten Maddie would not go for these! Darn. Want to learn more about Sandi, I know I am wanting too, here is a link with links for an interview with Sandi!

I am waiting my fabric very impatiently (I mean patiently) to arrive in my mail box! It is selling like hot cakes. I found this at my local quilt shop of love, Quilting Adventures, my new favorite shop! Maddie and I went there last week and just circled the shop twice and only left because it was closing time. I had a hard time not buying some Ginger Blossom to make a mock-up apron while I wait for my wholesale order to come. I am getting the green and blue color-way!

It's good stuff!

Here is what we did buy! FUN right! Maddie insisted I get it! I love it!

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