Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Momma needs a new toaster!

A girl with a stomach virus needs some toast. URG, my toaster is broken and I need a new one. Good time for some cute-retro-toaster-action to come into our toast forsaken lives. Do you have any idea how expensive a toaster can be? OMG this fab pink one is 300.00, so I won't be having that one shipped out to me today.

This one it really fun!

I like the four slice option and the blue it fun...

But what we really need is a toaster oven so we don't heat up the kitchen in the summer time with the gas oven. Do you know how ugly toaster ovens are? Let me tell you they are not retro chic! This is the best looking one I can find, and in red it will match my mixer! Don, time to get technical and analytical, cuz this momma needs a toaster stat!

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