Monday, March 17, 2008

Did I ever tell you...

...that you can find my stuff in the super cute shop called Nicola Floral? It is located in my wonderful little neighborhood, Bellevue. Stop buy and pick up some flowers and say hi to Nicole!

I am dropping off some pretty new goodies there later today! They already have the Modern June Baby line, Check book covers, coin purses and some pretty little aprons!

Check out this bag she has! OMG I want this bad! I feel like a traitor not carrying something that is mine or hand-made but OMG it is too kitsch for words.

HMMM, can I have it? Yes I think I must!


B Kinch said...

I love the rabbits!

Kat said...

Funny! We were just walking past that store the other day and noticed that bag in particular.