Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Look what I found---great site!

I have been really sick the last few days and I have been avoiding all life forms so that I don't pass my yuck to the family. In my internet travels I have found the following cool site.

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion

I found the site via Heather Bailey's blog, HELLO My name is Heather. I have to say I really want to grow up and be as cool as she is. She has a lovely layout in the upcoming issue. Here is a sneak peak!

There are also two fun looking "how to" projects, one is a party chick place card holder and a paper topiary, both of which I really would like to do for the Easter Bunch. The one that I don't think will be happening if the kids get my tummy thing.

But to my delighted surprise they also are featuring a pair of local artisans, Ignatius and Rod, from Ignatius Hats. I have always wanted to own one of their hats and I love visiting the old shop in Cary Town.

I have always love this magazine, it is just so pretty. I just want my entire life to be this darn pretty! Forget all the modern stuff that I love... I want fluffy! FYI, hubby this magazine subscription would be a great mothers day present from the kids!

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lynnie said...

I like that in each Mary Englebreit mag that showcase an artist. I love seeing their homes and studios. That magazine holds a special place in my heart because when it first came out I bought it and decided to collect the paper dolls in the back for my future daughter. This was after years of infertility. I hoped to one day be able to adopt a daughter. Many, many paper dolls later I got pregnant with M.E. She and I were just cutting some out a couple weeks ago. I remember when I first showed her my stack of Mary Englebreit paper doll sheets, she thought the ME on the corner stood for her name!

I didn't know Ignatius Hats were still around. I remember when he had a store in Carytown and I bought winter hats for both Bee and Lee. They looked so cute in them!