Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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I am trying to come up with a fresh topic something other than I made this I made that. But that is all I do lately. What a boring little life I have! I am not complaining about the orders, no way! Busy is good, I love how much Modern June is growing, but I could use a little balance. Last week I took a day off, first one is weeks. What did I do with it? a massive spring cleaning. Wahoo! On Sunday Don took the kids to an awesome kite festival and I made cupcake aprons. Wahoo!

Yes, this is becoming a mini-pity party. I miss my kids and my husband! On days when we don't do homeschool I really miss the kids. Thank goodness I do teach them or I would be totally disconnected from them.

If someone were to ask me where I would like to see my business in 5 years I would have to say, "strong enough to take most weekends off"! That would mean having a staff. I like that idea! Working alone can be a drag. I have been having a few friends do some cutting and stitching for me! They are building up a tiny bit of stock while I get the orders out. Slowly this will build and become something really special.

What I would really like is a studio away from home. Some place that I go to just to work. No kids, no husband needing to know where the soap is, or if they should do this or that. A place where I could really book it, sew like the wind and then go home. Home to a house with out oilcloth bolts in my kitchen and patterns on ever door knob.

When I go running errands I am constantly noticing for lease signs. I even emailed a company last week about a space. But I don't have money for rent. But someday I will and when I do I know what I want and where I want it. But for today I will try to take the kids for a walk, actually eat dinner with my husband and work no later than 11:00.

Dreams of balance are good! I was raised my small business owners I know what it is like to get a business off the ground I know how hard my parents had to work. I am no dummy, this is how it is. But I also know what it is like to be a child of a small business owner. That breaks my heart. Aidan no longer wishes that Modern June never existed. Well at least he is not saying out loud like he did at Christmas time, that's a plus. And my sweet Maddie told me the other day that I was her hero. That she was so proud that I could do everything that needed to be done. WOW! ok I can go on another day! Things are growing, I guess these are growing pains!


Carol said...

I can relate to much of what you wrote, great post.

lynnie said...

I can't believe all you are able to accomplish!

Heidi might know of some affordable studio space. I know she rents space for her puppet making.