Friday, April 6, 2007

Desk Dilemma

OK, I am having a dilemma over my desk, sewing table. I started with this.

It was wobbly like jello. And way to cluttered. Who could think at the table?

then I did this.

It is better but really need to store a bunch of stuff under the desk

So I tried this.

It is much to tall for sitting and sewing. And the shelves are way to wide. It happens to be a perfect cutting table for Maddie.


I can not go shopping, I can not go shopping, I can not go shopping!

I think I can make due with the height. And here is why!!!

I added a counter height stool to the mix.
AND because
Maddie is so smart. Look at her idea... "no shelf" she said then I said "find the curtain rod"...she found it and here it is a better storage system for my patterns!

I will buy some different color hangers. This will help me know what type of patterns are what. Right now red hangers are for children's apron patterns. White for my hostess aprons.

Check this out, I pulled another shelving unit out of Maddies room. I now have loads of shelf space, DREAMY.

Well here is it is the table is good for now. I am sure that it will need tweaking. For now I will work here. But that table is a show table and I have a show in two weeks.
What to do? What to do?
After the show I will build a proper table top. I will do it like every cutting table in every costume shop on the east coast. A sheet of plywood topped with a sheet of homasoat. (sp?) I will have it all cut down at Lowe's. I love those big saw's that they have, they make easy and quick work. And it will be straight and square. Unlike if I did it. I am thinking of raising it just a few inches, creating a slim shelf below, and then I can use that small space of rolls of paper and poster board.

DAY AFTER NOTE...I am in love with it all! (except the Don's huge stack of boxes)
Don't you love coming in to a room that you have just rearranged? You have had a long day away or had a good night sleep, then you come into the room and are almost surprised.

Look what the Elves did for me!

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