Friday, April 20, 2007

Sugared Flowers

Martha Stewart - Spring Cupcakes with Sugared Flowers

Man it's almost been 12 years that Don and I have been married.  That seems so long and so short all at the same time.  Any way... way back when there was a wedding cake in a magazine that I feel in love with, it had these sugared flowers sprinked all over it.  I am sure I still have that photo in the attic somewhere.  I did not go with that look on my cake but it did inspire me to pot up pansies and put them on the tables as center pieces.  I planted them in the terracotta water dish instead of the pot.  It was cool, I thought.  I never could do any thing the "right" way. 


Christi said...

Isaac was lovin' the look of those cupcakes when I showed this to him this morning. We clicked on the recipe, so he thought we could make them. Uhm... I don't think we'll be doing that THIS week, bud. But thanks for the visual, Kelly.


Kelly McCants said...

make them the day before we come over! hee hee hee!

I did not even look at the recipe is it wicked hard?

I have always wanted to use flower in and on my food but you have to order special chemical free flowers. you could use your since your in the country. But I have new fencing leeching in to the ground.

What an I going to do about the vegetable garden this year? Maddie will be heart broken I we don't get started as soon as this blasted show is over.

Wild flowers would be a nice change there. I am in constent battle with Morning Glories in my veggie patch. Maybe this year the win this year!

Christi said...

Well, I'll just say that it looks more involved than I would care to get into at this stage in my life. The cake is actually brownie batter - yum! - and you steep lavender flowers in milk (and add food coloring) to get the lavender frosting. I think the crystallizing of the individual flowers would be the thing to try my patience, though!