Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A day out in Ashland, Va

These photos are from our day out with Christi's gang last week. I am way behind in blog land! There are just too many cool things to share!

We went up to Ashland a great town about 15-20 miles north of Richmond, VA. Locals call it "the center of the universe". It is a really great town the train runs straight through the "Main Street" in the old part of town. The houses along there are to die for. I believe that the houses were summer home for the wealthy Richmonders. I might have that wrong. My old buddy Wendy is now care taker of one those old houses. I am so jelous! It is hugh and so very cool. I just love old houses. Wendy if you're out there we miss you!

Any how! CHICK DAY ROCKS. We were in the Ashland Feed Store of over and hour. Christi has chickens and her family gets 3 chicks every spring. She was supposed to receive a special order of Araucanas chicks, I asked her why those? She then told me about the fantastic colors of the eggs. I then said (stupidly, I must add) "Oh! Martha Stewart Chickens". Christi then said "oh is that what they are called now?" hee hee hee. I am a dork!

The store was so great, old and cool! I highly recommend a look through if you ever in the area! If you need bird feeders and seed. That's your place. They had bushel baskets of seed potatoes and onion starts. Seeds by the ounce. I wish I had gotten some. The kids and I had a blast. Buying local is such a great feeling. They have dog and cat food too. I wish they had our brand I would drive up for that just as an excuse. Our local pet shop would miss us though. And they have puppies and exotic birds, it would go noticed by the kiddo's if we no longer went there.

I did buy my self this. I was going to ask for this set up of Mother's day but I could not wait. Don't you love the feeder. The gorgeous plant came from Mike and Mary Anne's shop Azalea Garden Center. It's in my hood. I have spent so much time looking out this dirty window looking at this one spot. It needed some love! The window still need a cleaning!

Ashland has a wonderful Farmers Market. Once I meet Christi up there for coffee and veggies. Man that was too long ago! Christi, do you remember you weighed Charlotte on one of the farmers scales? That was too funny. How old do you think she was? A month maybe?

That leads me to the coffee shop, The Ashland Coffee and Tea. You have to love a coffee shop that carries local brew and has bands weekly! (Christi's brother is the Brew Master at brewery, Ledgend.) What I loved about it is this the regulars have a cup of their own waiting for them. Now that is great.

Before all the kid fun started we had a few minutes to spare. So we stopped into this cute store for a look around! Ladybug Cottage and Gardens. I have admired this store for years and years! The kids are now big enough for me to trust them in such a place, know what I mean?

Ashland is having a walking tour on May 19. Sounds really fun to me! Anyone want-ta go with me? We could meet at the coffee shop, go to the Market, swing throug the Feed Store, and then take a walking tour. We then could go back to the coffee shop and sample the local brew on tap! We can take the train home, we would be so tired and tipsy that we would miss out stop and end up in North Caroline. Would that be such a bad thing?

More to come check back soon!!!! Keep crafty.


Ryan said...

I wanna go! Sounds like a perfect day. I may have to see if my husband would still consider moving down that way.

Kelly McCants said...

Come on down! The more the merrier!

ALS said...

The town looks as a quiet and nice place...
By the way, people, coming to our house and seeing your wonderful aprons, hanging in the kitchen ask me where I have bought them from. I say "They have crossed the Atlantic Ocean in an envelope" and give them a link to your website:) Maybe you'll have other customers from a small country, called Bulgaria:)
Thank you once again, Kelly!
Best wishes
(Who told men don't like wearing aprons:)

Kelly McCants said...

I would love for you to come and spend the day with us! Maddie asked me just yesterday when you were coming to visit! She called you "my friend in Bulgaria with the flowery aprons"

I am about to ship a Mommy and Me to Italy. I think that is so cool!

Sleep tight all!