Monday, April 9, 2007

Look what I found today! BLOG REDUX

Am I the last to know?

Craft podcasts are all over the i tunes and they are free. OK, check this out. While I am making the new "The Modern June Oilcloth Diaper Bag" (it has a zipper) I am listening to the CRAFTCAST with Alison Lee podcast episode number 29 featuring blogger, Momma, crafter and author CRAFTY CHICA! She was really fun to listen to. I hope her blog gets into the mom thing and balancing work. You all know after my pity party last week that I need help there! She has a cafe press site too, I need this tee-shirt, Crafty Chica "Viva la D.I.Y."

What do you think I think, Modern June needs a cafe press site, right?

HELP, what shoulf the tee's say? Over at Kimmy's blog, Shimmer, Glimpse, she has listed ~ Modern June "one hip housewife". I like that . Or what about, "Connecting with you inner hip housewife...Modern June. Oh I don't know, I need help on this one! Parrish Mort where are you and your alliteration skills? Kimmy I bet your good at this make me a t-shirt logo and I'll finish you street apron much faster!!!! Pressure and bribery... who know I could do it outside of Mothering?
Check out Kimmy's yummy take out necklace. I found it today on her Etsy site Shimmer.Glimpse.Shop.

1 comment:

kimmy said...

Your challenge has been accepted.


"Tools for your inner housewife"


my alliteration gland is broken:(

I'll think on it:)