Saturday, April 14, 2007

Modern City Bag

They used up 3 spools of thread, broke 6 needles, viewed two movies and listened to 3 zillion podcasts and 3 rounds of Bowie's Greatest Hits. And best of all they are done! I have 6 to sell and one for me!

This is a new product for me (in the picture above). I love these things. I got them a Micheal's and Walmart in the Purse section. They have pins that you screw in. I made the first City Bag back in March. I would have finished this pile of cut bags if I new I could whip out the straps with ease.

Love these so with out the entire purse in my face I can attach the strap YIPPIE!

I have the little tab thingy
screw in pin

all done!


beki said...

That's great! I need to try this method of strap attachment. Is that hardware easy to find?

Kelly McCants said...

Hi Beki, I found them at Micheals for 1.99 each. They are from a brand called bag boutique. I would love to get some wholesale with out the packaging. maybe next week I can look in to that. I did find Magnetic snaps on eBay super cheap. I will order those this week. I am thinking that I will post them on to my etsy site as well. I will not need 100 of them. They really should NOT cost so much! Hancock fabrics is making a damn fortune off those! 1.99 that sucks!