Thursday, April 5, 2007

The great balancing act of life

In my next life I want to be a cat. Cranky and lazy.

Warning I am in a mood so if you don't have anything nice to say come sit by me!!!

Is anyone out there doing a good job with the great game of balancing your lives? Is that just something that we say is really possible, some kind of farce? Something to just strive for so we can feel like failures at the end of the day. Shoot I feel like a failure at everything all day long.

  • I don't feed this children or myself healthy food any more.
  • I have not had a date with my husband in months.
  • My laundry is in a basket next to my computer here in the dining room.
  • My kids are watching TV.
  • No math sheet has been completed.
  • My kids have not read today.
  • I have not walked on my treadmill.
  • I have stacks of things to complete in just 2 and half weeks.
  • My books for Modern June are non existent.
  • I have no tax id number. No business licence. Two of my must do items on January To Do LIST.
  • I have patterns all over the kitchen counter.
  • I fabric laying around the studio not on selves.
  • I have a clothing rack in the corner of my dining room because there is not room in the studio for it.
  • I have patterns hanging in the hall closet instead of coats.
  • Besides there being a treadmill sitting it the middle of the studio there are about 9 boxes stacked up filled with Don's childhood toys old computer parts, books and what not.
  • I have a non functioning sewing table.
  • I have two orders to start.
  • I have wisteria growing up and into my tree.
  • I have a pile of leaves that have been in the middle of the back yard for months.
  • I need a nap.
  • I need energy.
  • I need a break.
  • I need to be kinder to myself.
I told you I am in a mood. So what to do? Well cry and eat chocolate sounds reasonable! LOL

No instead I will call in Fly Lady to the rescue.

So here I go jumping in where I am and doing it all 15 minutes at a time. I promise not to beat my self up any more!!!!! I promise! I will create a system that will allow me to rest assured that I have time set aside to "Do It ALL". I know it will never all be done at the same time. I will drop the ball. But I will set up a system, a set of routines that I can count on. And I can finally sleep at night knowing that I will not drowned in my sea of crazy.

I first found out about FlyLady about 5 years ago. And it was a miracle. Our family was never before happier and shall I say it? "Balanced." I have kept so many of the routines over the years. I still get dressed to shoes. If I don't I feel wrong, I mean down to my core wrong. I still need to start laundry in the morning and I must, must, must empty out the dishwasher in the morning while I make breakfast.

But I have a totally different life now than I had five years ago. I have Modern June now. I homeschool now. My kids are bigger now. I have a bigger house now. My garden is bigger. I have more things going on now.

But the thing I just realized today that I am no longer a SAHM... I am now a WAHM.
And that is big deal.

So I am done gripping and I am ready to take control over my CHAOS, I will go the next step and get it together! Myra and Kelly my kitchen sink is shining and I have a daily and weekly schedule set up. I can do this!

I am grabbing my timer and going to my own version of crisis clean up.

I will post what that means to me once I figure it out!

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