Saturday, April 14, 2007

I don't do enough already! Skirts

This picture make me want to make skirts.

I think it is from a magazine called Budget Living. I wish I got a hold of that mag more often. (with out buying it of course)One of the Don's work friends brings it into the office every once and awhile and then I eventually comes home to me. I like that about magazines they are great to share and pass on.

My great neighbor Janet and I trade tons of them every month. Some days you open up the front door and there is a pile of them. We get "testy" with each other if the pile we receive is too big, it becomes work then. Ya know?

I also get 3 second hand magazines subscriptions from my mother in law. Its a great way to save some trees!

BTW I can get THREADS Magazine at our local library...if I find a good artical I make a copy to "FILE".

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