Thursday, April 12, 2007

Obtaining a EIN

In an act of getting one of the largest monkey's off my back. I decided that today I was going to fill out that application for my Federal Tax Id. I have had the application on my desk since February, OK it has been in a pile of junk on my dresser. I am trying, stop judging me! : )

The kids and I gathered around the dining room table and got to work. I have homework too. So the kids were doing their math lessons and was filling out my application. But I was not sure that I had the right form. I filled it out but was really unsure of several items. Like getting paid and with-holdings. YEAH like I get paid.

I decided to go and look online and see if I was filling out the right form. I found this web page. You really do have to love the Internet! It really did only take 5 minutes to complete. You know the things that you put off for months and months are just like that, aren't they? You poor all this stress and anxiety into avoiding something. And then you done with the task in 5 minutes. Fear of the unknown is a pain in the batookey.

So there you are you are amazed to find out how easy and quick it all is and they asked me to pay up. My eyes filled up with tears and my heart was in throat. It can cost over $200.00, my kids now know the expression "HOLY SHIT". I soon realized that it is only $128.00 if you can wait an untold amount of time. The 228.00 price is if you need a number in an hour. You can pay 178.00 if you want it by tomorrow. I went for the 128.00 and the mystery time.

I whip the shock and tears away, I really do not know why I expect things to be free. I call it innocence but others may see it as ignorance. The good news is they give you a place to go and check your order. I will check on it often. took about 30 minutes to recieve my email with my number. What a scam. I could have wasted $100.00. I would rather to that at Sew Mama Sew.

So why the rush? I need a bolt of red gingham oilcloth yesterday. Who knows what complications I will find over at the wholesaler? Watch it take 3 months to fill my order. Update... It will take no time and I did not even the darn EIN. I just need to wait for the cataloge to get here. See that fear of the unknow. Mix that up with being from the mid-west in a nice catholic family and you do things the way that they tell you too. Man I am going to start mixing it up! Who said there are no short cuts?

It's all good, and soon it will be great I will be completely legal!

So here is what I have done so far.

Zoning complies $50.00
A registered business name $10.00
Filed for my Fed Tax ID number 128.00

Still to do and next on list is the state tax id number...another mystery fee I am sure!
fyi I was going to do this right now but you need you fed id number first. URG! Here is the link. Then back to City Hall for my licence $30.00

So at least $288.00, yikes we should live in Mechanicsville where you don't need a business license.


kimmy said...

yippee you finally mustered up the time to complete a beareaucratic task...sometimes I get so tired of all the BS we have to go thru ...piles of BS...

but still, congratulations :)

Nikole said...

I'm so glad that you posted this. I've been wondering how it all works - so thanks!

Also, I saw your aprons at Starr Foster's latest show, and they were absolutely fabulous.

Kelly McCants said...

you'll never believe this so I was on a roll. I called the oilcloth supplier and I told them that I had my number on the way and I requested the catalog and price list. She told me that I don't need the number to order from them....... URG

do you know how much money i would have could have saved!

But in all honesty I did not expect oilcloth to be my medium. It just kind of found me and it turns out I love it! it is me!

Anonymous said...

I'm about to go through the same process. Glad to know you survived! :)

Amy said...

Hey Kelly,

I have been secretly reading your blog for a while now...I found you on etsy around Christmas, and I just love your aprons, and I love what you have been sharing on your blog...I always want to comment, in fact I want to write you a long email..I think we have alot in common, but you know time is our enemy !! Anyhow..I think all you need is a sales tax liscence to buy from wholesalers...they call it a seller's permit... I found this website that you can get info from...take a quiz..check it out... Also, I used to work for a payroll company, Paychex, so I have a little knowledge in all this, the fed tax id might not be necessary, and will give you more paperwork to file quarterly tax returns...please feel free to email me if you have any questions...Keep up all the great work...!!!

Kelly McCants said...

Nikole thanks so much, I saw the dance on T.V. I want one of those logos that you see on product you kow the tv box that say's AS SEEN ON TV

do you know Starr. I really like her. Alot. She is one of my friends old high school friends. now there kids go to school together. I have gotten invited to some of the girl nights that they go on!

Too Much fun!

Kelly McCants said...

HI Amy, thanks for the offer! I will take you up on that talk!

I know what you mean about time as our enemy. There are so many great things to do and just not enough time to do them all!

That is why I am loving the Pod cast scene I can actually get some crafting done while I check out cool people.

I had my husband Don hook up the computer to talk to me and read the blogs to me. It was so bad and so hard for me to get to that I never did it a second time.

Thanks for reading. take care, Kelly