Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Look what I found today! start up info!

OK I am being super crafty here in super clean studio. Its really very clean because I was supposed to have 20 some odd EDU co-op friends over to do our history co-op. With my lesson almost done and my house shining I was taken out of my teacher mode about 11:30 last night by one very upset little boy. Aidan had the worst earache of his life. Poor guy. Poor everyone! He screamed for 72 minutes straight. Let me tell you it reminded me of Maddie and her 3 years of colic (hee hee hee). Well that was dose of birth control. It is times like that I really know we are done having babies.

Well we had to cancel co-op and as I work my little fingers to death the kids have trashed the house with Lego's, play dough, and robot toys. Better than a day of TV. Aidan has one of those fevers that does not really effect him much. He is still really pleasant and moving around. I really hope it does not pass through the family. Damn I will loose my mind if we all get sick for the 3rd time this short year.

So I am sewing up a storm and longingly looking at my treadmill. I really need a walk! But before I jump on I had to share this with y'all. CraftyPod.com is the very first craft podcast ever made and let me tell you she, Sister Diane, rocks!. You get a craft project and some history to go along with it. Or great interview. I am listening to number 20 right now. It features an an interview with the four members of PDXsupercrafty.com. As I was needing a break from the zipper from hell that I am putting in I went to check out their site. Well let me tell you I never got past the front page. It has the best illustration I just had to share this site with you. If the bit of what I have heard from them and this front page are any indication I am going to love surfing this site!!!!!

Oh yeah! It's good really, really good. Crafting for profit now that is a concept! They have broken it down into 4 catagories:

  • getting started
  • marketing
  • stores and sales
  • bookkeeping and taxs

I have made hard copies of the first two so I can read them at the park, on the treadmill or instead of my bed time book.


Anonymous said...

Nope, sorry. Y'all are not allowed to get sick. We have Chick Day on Thursday!! Hope Aidan's feeling better tonight.


Ryan said...

Where oh where did you get your Paint-by-numbers?

Kelly McCants said...

The paint by numebers is from SEWMAMASEW.com... I love it so much!!!! They have it in a red color way too. I wish I would have gotten that one too! next time!