Saturday, November 8, 2008


OMG, I AM TOTALLY SLAMMED! Life is so busy isn't it? Between the kids hating school with a vengeance (STRESS) and a show and two wholesale orders next week I am dying! I was so tired yesterday that I had to take a nap while our son was in occupation therapy for an hour. Maddie sat there torturing me! Calgon take me away!

And I forgot to list a "product of the day" yesterday so today we get to have two! LOVE THEM! Here is what the kids did with the Chalk Cloth Runner for our Halloween gathering. I have to say this chalk cloth is rockin'!

Check out the new chalk cloth chargers-centerpiece-placemat! I am totally in love with the possibilities! It makes me want to have 40 parties just so I can play with them! Just think about it dinner parties, buffets, kids birthday parties. Fun stuff.

Use this as a centerpiece to mark you wine selection. Things look great in threes this would be wonderful lined up on a buffet for wine, another for cheese, and the third for sweeties.

I can't wait to use them a silly chargers (BIG placemat). You could put everyones name on them and use it as a place card, then after dinner give your guests a pack of multi colored chalk and watch out for the after dinner fun!

Remember order today's "Product of the day" and receive a free gift! Hey, a charger makes a great free gift! hmmmmm...... I'm always thinking!

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