Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paper LUV

Here are four paper items that I have loads of luv for!

Aren't these totally cool and oh so Modern June. They are perfect! zou zou's basement makes great greeting cards and much much more!

Banners, you know I love me some banners! These will be great for those times someone is sending a Modern June goodie straight to a friend! I love to gift wrap and having the perfect card to key!

Paper craft is one of my families most entertaining thing to do, we like to listen to an audio book and cut and create! These are from paper box.
I can't wait to my a my own mini-obama-fig, yah for change!

And this little piece of magazine love is tucked away for my next day off! I am going to curl up with a nice cup of coco, my Grr's crazy quilt and read this from cover to cover on Thanksgiving day. The December issue is my favorite one of the year, well, maybe the Halloween issues ties with the Christmas issue! Oh, I wish it were Turkey day today!


queenb said...

oh, I would have to sneak a peek at that book! I couldn't stand it. I am gonna go buy mine right now! And I LOOOve those banner cards. how adorable! Could not be more perfect to go with your party banners. very neat.

EbayJewels said...

December is MY fav. of the year too! I just got it yesterday and squealed when I saw it in the stack of mail! I'm not allowed to read magazines at work, but I'll be reading mine on the next day off as well! Yay for inspiration! -J. Mapp