Tuesday, November 18, 2008

January To Do list

Yep, my mental to do list for the winter has long begun, so now it is time to get it written down...

1) work on the 1000 piece puzzle again.
2) hang out with my kids A LOT MORE (this=sewing less)
3) find 30 minutes to cover up my gray hair.
4) take yoga classes (and not just one)
5) take kids to pool on Thursday afternoons
6) start dating again...my husband of course...silly people! : )
7) start doing family game night again, BOARD GAMES ONLY!
8) start taking bubble baths again!
9) have more on my life list than my work list... i.e. get a life : )

1) send out a newsletter
2) redo my flikr site
3) redo my blog roll
4) go back and leave hundreds of wonderful feed back for all my great customers!
5) finally get someone ( I am not mentioning names, honey) to finally get ModernJune.com PRETTY
6) look into more wholesale at brick and mortar boutiques.
7) check into have that store on Paterson and Libby that has all the cool stores in a store. Always dreaming!
8) look into simplifying shipping, check in to UPS???
9) get new tags, and finally get Modern June labels.
10) buy a proper dress form
11) go to the gift market in Atlanta, just to check it out! Someday I will take Modern June to market, in the mean time I would like to see what it feels like at a big market. I need to see it first.
12) Pare down my products.
13) re-work the art smock! It is my only product that is not my own pattern and to be honest that really bugs me! I have an idea brewing!
14) re-do photos for oilcloth addict.


fleur fabrics said...

Your always welcome to sell your awesome stuff at Fleur Fabrics!!! WE love Modern June and Oil Cloth!!

Dawn Anderson said...

whew Kelly, that's a list! You've taken the first step of writing it down. And look - Jenny already is helping you out with #6! ;)

Vintage Grace said...

Hey...I'll go to Atlanta with you! I need to check it out also!

Kelly said...

Perfect, a road trip!!!!!