Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dream Day!

Yesterday was the best day the kids and I have had in a very long time. We all got along, no yelling (well maybe over phonics, just once) and NO tears! A banner day. We did school, we played games, and we drew for hours.

My CH (cute hubby) could not come home until after bedtime and I refused to have the kids just watching TV alone so I took the night off. Yah, I was so burnt out from my sewing-palloza of a weekend. So I broke out the new chalk markers and the chalk cloth.

Just look at the scribble and splat mat, there is barely an inch not used. We are in love with the new chalk markers!!! Even Aidan the one that hates to write or draw jumped right in. In fact is is so rare of him to draw, I cherish every scrape of paper he touches! I am ssssoooo using this for school work. I think I have to give the Occupational Therapist a mat and a marker for others that find it challenging to use those sweet little hands!

Once we had exhausted the day, we all piled up into my bed in our jammies and started reading Little House in the Big Woods (again). We read first 4 Little House books to Maddie when she was in first grade, she was in a Little House Book Club (wow that seems like a million years ago) and now she wants to read them herself! love that!

I wish everyday was like yesterday all hugs, laughter and little work! My parents had two full time jobs and little time with us, I just see myself repeating that! I know it sounds like I am ungrateful for being swamped, (when you are a stay at home mamma being swamped is a mixed blessing) but I am just missing me kids on those busy days, thats all! At least this year I have a lot more helpers, and for that I am endlessly grateful!!!

Life is a lesson in balancing what is needed and important. I feel like I am learning everyday!

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