Friday, November 14, 2008


Sorry to have totally MIA, but this has been the week from hell. Lot's and lot's of sewing, loads of local shop deliveries (Feathernesters, Strawberry Fields and Nicola Floral) and one fun little show. Wait till I show you what I got! Fun greeting cards for Modern June and two necklaces for Maddie's Christmas.

Today I was so in so much pain, (my neck and right hand hate me) I took off and went to see my beloved chiropractor. Dr. Jo said she could save time by writing down what was good with my back! Now that is bad!!! The kids and I went and did some errands and I planned to surprise them with an afternoon at the movies, their treat for dealing with my heavy work schedule, but I was so tired that I was afraid I couldn't drive home safely. When home I snuggled in for a 4 hour nap. Man those kids we good. they only woke me up 5 times. : )

I will ready to kick it again tomorrow with my renewed back, hand and attitude! I am now so horrible far behind of orders that the 4 hour nap will soon be needed again.

The above photos are a few of the goodies that I listed this week. If you need something grab it fast, I have sold 4 of the retro oilcloth tree skirts in 2 days. I am sorry if I sound like I am boasting but really I am just so proud of them, they are just so fun and festive.

I would really like to thank my wonderful TEAM JUNE for all their hard work. You gals are kicking it hard and I am so grateful for every stitch and cut you all do. I could not stay sane with out you all.

Luv, Kelly


Andrea said...

Hi girl, you sound busy! I love the new chalk placemats and the tree skirts are super cute!

Samantha said...

Your retro tree skirts are gorgeous! Hang in there. :-)