Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Housewife Day!

Yep, you heard me, today is Housewife Day! I consider myself a housewife and happily so. I think in this day and age it is an honor to be at home all day. Now, I might like to be in my home alone part of that day, but that is not the point! Staying at home was a choice, as was schooling at home and working at home. I am a home body, I admit it. I really would dread having to be gone all day--everyday.

Here is little note I received from my newest yahoo group, The Brocante Home!
Ladies today is Housewife's Day and no, I didn't make it up although I really rather wish I had!!

Today is the day to celebrate all things housewifely... to buy yourself a new pinny, bake yourself a Happy Housewife Day cake, wear a tiara when you serve dinner, take a photograph of your kitchen at it's sparkly best or serve yourself a Bloody Mary for elevenses... it's your day, do whatever it is that makes you smile!
For more good reading about this most special day, check out what a google search turned up on the subject! Happy housewife day to you all. I believe we all have a little June Cleaver in us, so go bake a pie!

Note to self: I have to figure out what "elevenses" means. If I am supposed to be drinking, then I need to know about this! : )

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Don said...

Wow. So very little is written on this topic and this day. Seems like the fact today is National Sandwich Day is more hyped than Housewives. What a pity. Well, great article. I'll Tweet it. And if you don't mind, read mine ...because TV used to celebrate the Housewife more than it does nowadays. I invite you all to enjoy my 2009 tribute to a holiday that just doesn't get enough attention. At least ...that's what my wife says.