Monday, November 24, 2008

Chalk Cloth Rocks!

What great stuff chalk cloth is! I am totally in love with it and all that I have made with it. I just realized that between the two shops I have gone through 18 yards in 13 days! That is just amazing to me! The most popular item that we make out of chalk cloth are the chargers, 19 sold and 5 given away as gifts. The bad thing is that at this point I am going to have to start taking orders, good news is a new bolt is on route and all orders will go out on December 3rd.

I got some cool new markers for the chalk cloth you can use them on the chalk cloth and they don't smear like chalk. I had to get them for a Richmond Craft Mafia - Handmade Holiday project and could not resist getting a few extra for my upcoming shows. I have white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue chalk markers-- a rainbow of creative goodness! I'll see if I have enough to sell at Modern June and at Oilcloth Addict later!

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queenb said...

I think those chargers are just totally awesome! What a great idea and would be so cute on a bar. Love them! I have some of the chalk markers, also, and they are really great. I will have to get some colors though, as I only have boring white. Really neat product! They are hard to find in the store though. Have to buy them online, I think.

I never thought about using those splat mats for homework! What a fun way to practice math of writing! Great idea! My grandkids just Loooove to write on theirs. they would probably forget they were doing homework, cause it would be tooo fun!!!