Saturday, November 22, 2008

cupcakes on the brain

Ok, I have to show you this shop Cupcake Wrapture! I am sending this woman an apron and after looking at her shop I knew I had to share! Lisa..."realized that all those pretty cupcake liners refused to stay pretty once an actual cupcake was baked inside them.

Desperate for some stylish togs for her fashion conscious cupcake friends, Lisa reached for the scissors and paper and voila! Cupcake Wrapture was born."

How fun!
It is 5 am and I need to get working, I need to whip out two cupcake aprons, a size two childs apron, and 5 tree skirts for the morning mail. Is is any surprise that I am stalling? Look what I found while trolling etsy for a bit, this is something I love!

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