Saturday, June 7, 2008

oilcloth placemats!

oilcloth placemats!, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Well some might say it is about time...we now have placemats. I have been wanting to make them for two years now. Yesterday someone sent me a Etsy convo requesting them. This was the 100th request for such a thing so I took it as a sign to actually get to making them! I made the prototype with in the hour, one would think I am a bit excited!

Red fruity and Blue Strawberry placemats are now listed, more colors to come!


RetroRugrats said...

Nice! Did you make the bias trim or purchase? I have the hardest time finding more than the basic trim so I resort to making my own...which is not that fun.

Domestic Chicky said...

Oh Kelly! These are adorable! You get the BEST ideas!

Kelly said...

Hi guys!

Maria, yes I did have to make the bias but it is out of oilcloth so I don't have to make the edge fold inside. So it is much easier. I NEVER make my own cotton bias. THAT is a rule! BTW, your cute Shirley aprons is stunning!

Deanna, I am loving the cupcake thing you got going on! What a great new design! BTW you are so sweet!

Thanks, Kelly

Nicole Lee said...

Love these!!

Designed by K said...
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Designed by K said...

I couldn't leave out the craftiest mom I know! Please visit my blog at to see what you need to do :)

Hope all is well Kelly :)

Carol said...

I have had a stack of them cut waiting (and waiting, and waiting) to get sewn forever now.
You will sell millions!!!