Wednesday, June 18, 2008

sassy pink apron

sassy candy full, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Do you ever want to make something so great that your stunt the entire creative process? That is what happened to my sassy pink apron I wanted to make months ago. I made the first one and hated it. I made a second one just didn't like enough to photograph it. It was nice but not photo worthy it sits on my closet door waiting for a purpose. I had set out make a sexy apron. I wonder if I just can't do sexy apron.

A few weeks ago I cut it out again and it sat there half made and pinned together. Today I deconstructed it and remade it into something that I really like. Well I changed this thing so much that only the ruffle stays the same and maybe the pocket. I don't have the actual pocket pattern piece any longer so who knows. I think the problem was that I started off with a commercial pattern, it was not mine thus I couldn't love it. Well it is mine now! When only two original patten pieces remain and those have been altered considerably you can call it your own.

Any way here the version 3 for this apron I like it and I think it is very Modern June look and worthy of a photograph. Like it? It took only took me 6 months to make it.

Go be creative today!

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